The ever-growing population places a great demand on healthcare services throughout the globe. The McMullan International Team strives to put quality first and has extensive experience in the design and construction of state-of-the-art and specialty hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Furthermore, our projects are designed both architecturally and mechanically to meet American standards of quality while being sensitive to the region’s culture and jurisdictional requirements.


The McMullan International Team recognizes that each location is unique and appreciates the culture of every city and neighborhood. Our architects craft their designs around the current infrastructure and surroundings to fully incorporate the tradition, natural beauty, and atmosphere of the location. Our project managers and engineers then bring the projects to life while ensuring the most cost-effective and sustainable construction.

Higher Education

The McMullan International Team believes in creating educational environments conducive to learning and faculty-student interaction. All of our team members specialize in educational facilities, and our project experience ranges from classrooms to laboratories, dormitories, theaters, sports centers, research facilities, and dining halls. Notably, our architects have provided master planning and design for over 500 universities, yet have preserved a client-centered approach to accommodate each university’s unique needs.

K-12 Education

Elementary and Secondary schools provide the basis for our future and a venue for family and community gathering for all ages. The McMullan International team recognizes the importance of providing an educational environment that is a reflection of the region’s traditions, culture, and environment, and is dedicated to providing high-quality and meaningful designs to foster learning, growth, and a sense of community.